Boot-Up Manager



Boot-Up Manager is a Perl-Gtk2 application to handle runlevels configuration of any debian derivative system. With this program the user will easily start and stop boot-up scripts, without the necessity to handle thru complex links and permissions.

Boot-Up Manager has been developed and tested on Ubuntu, but as it only relies on Perl-Gtk2 libraries, it can be run on any Debian-like system.



Documentation can be found here.



Debian package

BUM is currently in Debian unstable/testing and in all Ubuntu's repositories. These users can just apt-get it.

apt-get install bum


Other users of debian-derivative distro's can just download the .deb package and type, from a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i bum_2.1.8-1_all.deb


Your Boot-Up Manager is placed into System->Administration menu.



Unpack your tarball and build the program:

tar -xvzf bum-2.2.0.tar.gz

cd bum-2.2.0

./configure --prefix=/usr


make install


Last command must be run with root privileges. Please read the INSTALL file, for configuration options.



Boot-Up Manager dependencies are: gksu, perl, libgtk2-perl (>=1.100-1), libglib-perl (>= 1.100-1), liblocale-gettext-perl, libgtk2-gladexml-perl







Access to the Boot-Up Manager source repository is available through both web browser and Subversion client interfaces.

With the Subversion client installed, obtaining a working copy of Boot-Up Manager codebase is as simple as:

svn checkout bum


When checkout is over, you can compile and build the project as reported in the Installation section of this web page.



Discussions relating to Boot-Up Manager and program localization take place on the Ubuntu Linux Forum.

Almost all the services started with init scripts in runlevels 2-3-4-5 and rcS.d don't have a standard, "human readable" description of their main behaviour. Very often the package description for these services is very cryptic and the common user is quite disorientated and doesn't understand the meaning. Boot-Up Manager (BUM) will use a special list to display the package description in its main view window.

If in the "Running" column of BUM main window list you have displayed a question mark (?) it means that BUM doesn't have a nicer description for the service and so it is showing the apt-cache description. The internal "human-text" list is under a constant updating process. To contribute to this list, please feel free to update this wiki-web page.





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