In narrating their modern nostos into the sea with this movie titled Fluendo, the three young roman experimenters DMK take this opportunity to celebrate some fascinating glimpses of the Eternal City, traveled in its intricated maze of streets from a protagonist - unusually wearing a neoprene wet suite - acting as a modern Hermes immersed in the daily contradictions of the capital.

So, the guy with the suit looks like "rolling" in the streets and through indifferent people, looking for the white horse (his surfboard) that will bring him back into the foaming arms of Poseidon on the turbulent waters of the Tiber.

It is so relived the eternal relationship between man and water through all its manifestations until reaching the claim, citing the words of Wolfgang Goethe: "The soul of man is like the water" (Song of the Spirits over the Water).

The story of Fluendo begins with an awakening, but the story itself could be a whole course in the same dream of which the waking up is an integral part. Not by chance, in fact, the protagonist begins his journey quickly descending a ladder that leads the viewer's mind to the Sacred Spiral, undisputed symbol of the inner journey and of the difficult way to go in search of themselves.

Only the thick rubber suit allows the young man to the required "separation" from the local everyday, preserving him from the intimate aggression of the traffic and the harmful contamination of the urban chaos that so much depart the human soul away from its precious moments of reflection.

In the second part of the movie, announced by the poetry of Gabriele D'Annunzio ("The Wave", from Alcyone), it is celebrated the grand ceremony of the meeting of the body with the white crests of the waves. Surfboards caress with great respect the evolution of marine offshoots in a wise old dance rich in the evocative symbol of the eternal exchange between man and nature. The water seems to flow indifferent under the feet of the dancers, but actually raises them, pushes them, overwhelms them and embraces them imposing them the rhythm of the mythical representation.

Finally, the main character ends his day going back home, still fluctuating between otters and other (sometimes unwelcome) residents in the waters of the blond Tiber river.

A very promising debut, with a Creative Commons license.

(Source: Acronico)